Enjoy a Movie on our 50 foot x 100 Foot Screen in High Definition. 


This may come as a surprise and shock....
It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart I announce the permanent closure of Hound's Drive-in Theater after 7 seasons.

This has been a very difficult decision for my father and I. We started this journey together with a vision of a campground and drive-in movie theater that ultimately turned into the #1 highest-grossing drive-in theater with the largest screens in the nation.
We broke attendance records not only with other drive-ins, but walk-in theaters also.
During the pandemic in 2020, I decided to utilize our space for the benefit of others to safely hold church services, graduations and concerts.

In our 7 seasons we were featured in Time Magazine twice,
Martha Stewart Living, Our State Magazine multiple times and aired on 60 Minutes, PBS and all local television stations.

There are so many things I will miss. I will miss our regular customers and their smiling faces. Without their support we wouldn't have been successful.
I'll miss my loyal employees who worked so hard to feed up to 5,000 hungry customers in a 4 hour period (and did an amazing job when the lines were long). You were truly the backbone of the operation, I love and will miss you all.

I will miss our special seasonal events like the Easter Egg Hunt. My personal favorite was our 4th of July Celebration and fireworks. We always packed the place and I loved seeing happy families making memories.
I will also miss our Trunk or Treat Event and the costumes.

The top 3 things I won't miss:
#3 I will not miss getting home at 5 am.
#2 I will not miss working in the rain.
#1 I will not miss having to tell customers to turn their headlights off during the movies. 😕

I am very proud of what we brought to our small town of Kings Mountain. Many local businesses have thanked me for bringing tourists to the area because their restaurants and gas stations have flourished but it is unlikely there will ever be another Drive-in theater or campground in this county.
Despite us being the largest family tourist attraction and paying hefty taxes to the city and county, the board has never supported our business or even attended one single movie. KM City Council members have implemented such strict zoning ordinances and that's why the town is stagnant with little growth and empty buildings. The Cleveland County Commissioners let it be known that they do NOT want another drive-in or campground (except for one commissioner. Thank you sir for your support).
I hope they will take a look at this town compared to others and make positive changes so the city blossoms into its full potential.

In closing, I would like to thank 2 special people.
My beautiful wife Holly who supported me through the years and never complained about me working 7 days a week, 36 weeks a year.
After the birth of our precious son Corbin in 2021, I have truly learned how precious time is and I want to spend weekends and summers with them.

Last I would like to thank my father, Mike Brown for believing in me and my dream. Without his support I could not have made it the #1 Drive-in in the nation. I love you Daddy. We did it!

Preston Brown